French Roast Coffee - Deep Roast

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French toast

Delicious artisan coffee from Coatepec, Veracruz, planted at a height of 1,330 meters above sea level; a 100% arabica bean, French roasted.

Available in 1 kilogram or 500 gram packaging; It can be shipped in grain or coarse, medium or fine grinding.

This deep roast coffee has a 5/5 scale, is bitter with a hint of smoke to taste, and has very low acidity. You will get a very strong coffee, perfect for espresso.

Elige tu molido ideal

El tipo de molido dependerá del método que usas para prerar tu café

  • Fino: Cafeteras express, cafetera italiana, aeropress.
  • Medio: Cafetera casera , V60
  • Grueso:Prensa francesa, Chemex

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